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9 Ways to Lose Twitter Followers

March 30, 2011

It seems like common sense for some NOT to do these things, but others are blind to it. Not only will people unfollow you if you do some of the below, but you might even get your Twitter account suspended! Keep in mind, this is not Web 1.0, it’s 2.0, which allows interaction. It’s SOCIAL media, and you’re encouraged to tastefully engage your followers.

Here are 9 ways to lose followers:

  1. Don’t follow back – Who are YOU? @Oprah? @aplusk? @ladygaga?
  2. Churning – Mass unfollow 100s or 1,000s of followers at a time after just following them. Seriously? Read #1
  3. Don’t thank people for RTs – You might get the boot from your peeps after not appreciating their RTs!
  4. Never reply back – You dissed someone. Watch out for the ax.
  5. Use foul language – Epic fail!
  6. Post porn – Yikes! This is worse than #5!
  7. Change your avatar often – Too confusing. Bye, bye.
  8. Over tweeting –  The noise from your constant updates is killing everyone. Next!
  9. Send automated or unsolicited Direct Messages (DMs) – Can you say spam?
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